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deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. 

I explore and share my experiences in East Tennessee and surrounding areas, from my home base in Johnson City! If you want information about this wonderful area – please explore my site. I provide a lot of links to things and events about the area. Thank you! 

Contemplating a visit to eastern Tennessee?

Would you like to get out and explore the great outdoors? I hike as many destinations as I have time to get to, and typically document everything in video and pictures to share just a slice of what I experience. If you would like to know more about the opportunities here in the Tri-Cities area, browse my 'Adventure' section to see what some of the beauty surrounding Johnson City, Tennessee.

"Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee"

Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee

I Thrill at Thought of Mountains Grand;
Rolling Hills and Fertile Land;
Earth Rich with Stone, and Mineral Ore;
Forests Dense and Flowers Galore…

Come see me!
I'll show you around!

Johnson City, Tennessee


The opportunities here are boundless. Johnson City is centrally located in the southeast, and is close to major urban centers, tourism, and wilderness experiences.

There is always something going on in Johnson City. Founder’s Park in downtown is host to many, many festivals, events and special features throughout the year. Be sure to checkout upcoming events on the city’s website listed here


1301 Seminole Dr Apt 18 Johnson City, TN 37604 (256) 565-6133