Buffalo Mountain “Speed” Run

Last year I ran my first sub 7-second mile. It was a milestone in my life. I get it – it’s not exactly fast to motivated people, but it sure was fast for a fat kid like me.

Fast forward to 2019, and I am facing a timed 1-mile run in two weeks. I’m a little nervous. I need to be able to run this mile. It’s one thing to run a mile with no consequence, but another thing when your future depends on it!

Winters are always brutal to me. I do not fare well during cold months. It takes an act of God to get me moving after the winter season.

I figured what better way to get moving again than getting out in nature and heading out to some of my favorite places? I determined to get a baseline of my time on this mountain, and whittle it down from there. Anything I need to run on flat top will seem monumentally easier on level, paved ground. So, here is my 1st official timed event. It’s my first “speed” run, without actually being super speedy.

Be forewarned – fat, old guy breathing helplessly abounds.